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Real Life Stories


Tell Your Story is a very special page.  Here you will find true life stories from those who have encountered a life changing experience with an awesome God.  They are stories of those who have discovered God’s grace and mercy.  They are stories of miraculous healings.  They are stories of hope when there was no hope.   They are stories of redemption from a God we restores. 


My name is Jewell Morgan.  I grew up on a farm eight miles north of Elkton, Kentucky. I had three brothers that spoiled their baby sister and was the apple of my Father’s eye. My mother was a Godly woman who taught me many of her home-making skills.

We attended a small local Methodist Church that was on a circuit with three other churches. On the third Sunday of the month, the preacher came to our church for Sunday morning services. Every other week we only had Sunday school.

I have vivid memories of my birthday parties. Mother would bake a cake, then we would walk down the hill behind our house. There was a big boulder overlooking a stream of water in the woods where we would spread out the table cloth and sit down for our special time together. She would light the candles, cut the cake, and then we would sing gospel songs. It was her habit to tell me stories from the Old Testament about God’s love and faithfulness toward Daniel, Joseph, Jonah, and Moses deliverance of the children of Israel through the wilderness and etc. She always told me that prayer was just talking to God.

When I was around 5-6 years old, Mother became sick and was in bed most of the time. The neighborhood ladies would come to sit with her during the day while the men were out in the field working. Plans were being made for her to have surgery. I was going to be sent to Owensboro, Kentucky to live with her sister for 6 weeks during her recovery. A neighbor lady had agreed to make a couple gowns for Mother to take to the hospital. One day Mother asked me to walk down the gravel road probably a quarter mile from the house and get the gowns.

On the way home, as a barefoot little girl broken hearted at having to be separated from my mother, I knelt on a large size rock symbolizing Jesus to me. I asked God to not let me be separated from my mother. A sweet voice spoke to me, “Go home and tell your mother she will be well.” When I got home, I crawled up on her bed and told her God was going to make her well. Everyone in the room started crying. I jumped down and ran outside to play. My mother lived to be 91 years old, never left home and never had surgery.  I did, however, enjoy visiting the “big” city of Owensboro and staying with my aunt and uncle. This farm girl learned a lot. Since we milked cows, I did not know that cow’s milk could be delivered to your door in a bottle.  Electricity did not come to our area until several years later. I was also amazed that food could be stored in something called a “refrigerator” to keep it from spoiling.

In middle school I was active in the local 4-H Club, achieving many awards. Annually, Mother and I placed entries for the Todd County Fair. I have an album of blue, red and white ribbons awarded for canning and baking. Upon graduation from high school I was awarded the Home Economics award.

A year after graduation I went to Russellville, Kentucky to work as a nurse aide; I lived in the dorm next to the hospital. A head nurse took a liking to me. She taught me how to give shots to an orange and encouraged me to become a nurse. Four of us went to Louisville, Kentucky that summer to take an entrance exam to Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing. My friend and I were accepted in nursing school that fall.

While in nursing school I attended Billy Graham’s first crusade in Louisville. At the end of the service, I went forward to make my public confession of faith and accept Jesus Christ.

I married Rhea Morgan the next year, a state policeman whom I had dated two years before entering nursing school. After graduation, I worked at Louisville General Hospital for a year, then transferred to St’s Mary and Elizabeth to work in the Operating Room.

Our daughter, Michele, was born four years later. She went to surgery when she was two days old to repair a cleft lip and palate. She required special feeding immediately after surgery. I would hold her in my lap in an upright position, then drop the formula directly into her mouth. In order for her to swallow, she needed a nipple that would flatten out as she sucked to close off the opening in the roof of her mouth. We discovered a lamb’s nipple worked best. We purchased a couple from the stock yard. Due to the size of the nipple it only fit over a Coke bottle, which worked fine. Over the course of 18 years she had many surgeries and much dental work.

The question of WHY was continually on my mind, WHY, WHY -----WHY did this happen? While reading in the book of Habakkuk, a scripture spoke to me, “the just shall live by faith”. God spoke to my heart---“put your WHY on the altar and get on with your life. Wait patiently and live by faith trusting me (God)! Project her and don’t reject her.” There were hard times, but God always intervened and sent special people along our pathway for encouragement.

When Michele was 6 years old we attended a revival meeting where our pastor, Jack Vibbert, was preaching. During the altar call she got up by herself and started to the altar, followed by her father. That night she committed her life to Christ. When she was able to understand we would kneel at the side of the bed, asking for God’s guidance and healing. Dr. Stambaugh, her plastic surgeon, became her lifelong friend and attended her high school graduation. As valedictorian, she encouraged everyone to fulfill their God given call for their lives.

A couple of years after Michele’s birth, Rhea became a detective with the Kentucky State Police. He and a team of officers were sent as undercover agents to Northern Kentucky to gather evidence for indictment against an establishment that was believed to have open gambling. On the last night of his assignment, Rhea and another policeman were having their last drink at a bar. God spoke to Rhea, “your life is just as empty as that whiskey glass.” It was at that moment Rhea was compelled to accept Jesus.

Jack Vibbert, pastor of Kenwood Methodist Church where we attended, became a father and mentor to Rhea spiritually. Annually a person from our church was asked to speak on Layman’s Day. Rhea announced to me a year after his spiritual experience that he had been asked to be the Lay speaker at the next Sunday morning service. This came as a surprise to me.

MY RESPONSE---that pulpit is sacred! You better know what you are talking about!!!! That was the first time I had heard WHEN & HOW God had changed Rhea’s life. Truly he was a changed man from that point on.

Shortly afterwards he was invited to attend a Full Gospel businessmen’s meeting. He brought home their monthly magazine called the Voice. He was inspired by the stories of how God had changed the lives of men across America through the gift of the Spirit and speaking in tongues. Rhea received the Spirit October 17, 1966. His testimony was published some time later in the Voice. He was elected President of Full Gospel Business Men International and served in that position for 20 years.

After church one Sunday afternoon, when I was about 30 years old, I was reading my Bible. My eyes fell on Galatians 5:22-23, “the fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control”. I closed my Bible and said to God, “I want this in my life.”

My instruction: “you will be like a seed planted in the ground, that seed will need both sunshine and water.” The natural water (rain), living water (God’s Word) and some tears. I now had a vision and a purpose. The question then was how to achieve this desire. The Holy Spirit soon answered that question. Each day, die to self was my instruction for GROWTH. Our Heavenly Father planted the first seed—that seed was Jesus!! In order to overcome the challenges of the world, we must “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”, II Timothy 2:5. As long as I have kept my focus on Jesus, I can truly say that He has fulfilled His many promises in my life.

We were also blessed with two healthy boys, Byrne and Todd.

When the children were younger I started telling them, “you will be the head, not the tail, you will be blessed coming in and blessed going out!” Deuteronomy 28:1-14 describes the blessings of obedience. They’ve reminded me of these words over the years as they’ve become adults and had children of their own.

After many years of being a nurse, I transferred to Norton’s suburban Hospital, shortly after it opened.  Two years later I was asked to take the Administrative Supervisor Management position of the hospital on the 11-7 shift.  That week my husband and I went to a neighbor’s house who were having weekly Bible studies. I asked them to anoint me with oil and pray for God’s direction and blessing on my life for that position. I never left the house for work without my husband’s prayer covering for that shift.  John 10:4 “Jesus goes ahead of us to lead and direct us”, so each night as I entered the hospital I had confidence that God was in control.  I remained in that position for 34 years.

It was during those years of dealing with the patients, staff, families and doctors that I saw God at work in many situations. An example was when I was called to the emergency room to deal with a person in a rage of anger. I took her to the quiet room and closed the door.  Each time she yelled at me, I whispered, “I didn’t hear you.” We continued this dialogue until she finally said “I am going to my car.”  I was astonished at how quickly the situation was resolved according to God’s Word, “A soft answer turneth away wrath.”

As a supervisor, I was always genuinely interested in each employee.  I wanted each person to achieve at their highest level.  Therefore, I needed to smile, show respect, be friendly, consider everyone’s feelings and ideas, and listen and give encouragement often. I learned from everyone I dealt with and generally felt I became a better person by viewing things through others eyes.

One of the duties I performed as the nurse administrator was to start IV’s in patients when all others had failed. Some patients just don’t have good veins for a needle to puncture.  I would often pray for God’s guidance (under my breath) as others watched me seemingly do this procedure with ease. Most sticks were successful and the patients were able to receive the IV fluids and medicines needed during the night. God’s promises are always yea and amen. This is one of my favorite scriptures: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.” Proverbs 15:1.

We all need correction, (“the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.” Proverbs 3:12). One day on the way home from a friend’s house, where I had spent much time grumbling and complaining, I experienced a reprimand in my spirit: “I am your Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Pease, don’t take your problems to others but only to me (God).”  I had taken my eyes off God’s promises and allowed myself to become the victim, the “the poor me syndrome”.

A few weeks later it was announced that there was to be a one day seminar in Lexington.  The topic, “Lord, Change Me!”  Three of my friends and I attended the meeting.  I learned that when I allowed God to change me, most of my problems resolved themselves. Have you ever noticed that we all tend to blame others for all the problems we encounter in life? However, if we would “not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen”, we would have fewer problems.

I retired several years ago after 49 years as a full time Registered Nurse in service to my community.  I currently serve with the pastoral care ministry staff: visiting the elderly and providing sympathy and support at funerals for the members of my church family. I currently volunteer at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, the Louisville Zoo, the Kentucky State Fair Board and their four venues.

What blessing God has bestowed on me and my family. To God be the glory!



My life took a dramatic turn in the summer of 2009 and it all began with a knock on the door.  When I answered it, I discovered my house was surrounded by police officers looking for a man who had committed a double murder almost 30 years prior.

They took my husband into custody and thoroughly searched our house.  They went through drawers, closets and file cabinets and took his laptop computer.  They were searching diligently, but for what I had no idea.  However, from the moment they took my husband away, I knew in my heart God was watching out for me. 

After my husband was arrested, I sat in my living room chair and could see TV station vans and the media outside. They were all looking for a glimpse into our life to find out how a serial killer lives. I never answered the door.  I answered a few phone calls, but could not share anything beyond “no comment”.  I was as shocked as everyone else that a killer had lived right in my home undetected all these years.

Up to this point, I had been removed from the reality of my life.  When our children were young, we moved about every year and although I did not know why at the time, the pieces were beginning to fall into place.  We HAD to move to evade the onslaught of questions and suspicion.  During those years, I had known very little about the everyday affairs of our lives; I had spent the majority of my married life rearing 5 children, usually in secluded areas doing exactly as I was instructed.

Up to the time of my husband’s arrest, I had no idea what he could have done, but I was learning through the investigative process that he was definitely guilty.  DNA had proven that to be fact.  I found myself alone with no family in the state, no income, and unfamiliar with the current job market and the needed qualifications.  However, this was exactly where God wanted me in order to show me His plans and how much I needed to rely solely on Him and no one else.

Although I had no blood family in the state, I was surrounded by church family - people who practiced the teachings of the Bible and offered help to the widows and the poor.  God also brought a new acquaintance into my life who helped disciple me.  She and I met several times a week over the course of a few months and worked on cleaning up the outside of my church. It was very therapeutic for me and afforded me the opportunity to focus solely on the Lord.

As I look back through my life, I see the many times that my Savior had protected our children and me.  In 2011 my husband passed away in prison.  Since his arrest several years ago, God has proven Himself to be faithful each and every day.  I am thankful for His protection and provision.

God is so very good – the only God who loves each and every one of His creations.  He loves us with a love that compares to none and seeks out situations to show us His love.  Through this very difficult time in my life, I was reassured of how awesome God’s love is for each of us. To me, He has proven He is the resurrection and the life, not restricted or His love lessened by my shortcomings and past sins. I’m so thankful He forgives when I ask and offers mercy and grace to those who seek Him. I love Him dearly!


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